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Understanding Credit Card Issuance in the UAE

Are you looking for a credit card in the UAE? The Banks offer a great variety of credit cards to their clients for making shopping easier and hassle-free in the shopping hub of the world.

A credit card is the most essential product for most of us, especially in the UAE, which is the shopping capital of the world. It has become part and parcel of our daily life as it upgrades our lifestyle. The banks have added some additional benefits in the credit cards to make this product more attractive and effective. If you are a shopping lover and have a credit card in the UAE, you are going to experience the best shopping of your life.

Before applying for a credit card in Dubai, you need to consider following factors to make sure that you are extracting maximum benefits out of this product:


If you need a credit card, minimum salary requirement is the most important factor. The bank will entitle you a credit card according to your salary. If you have no regular income, you can still avail this product, but for that, you will have to keep a certain amount in your bank.

Annual Fee

It is totally dependent on the selected card. You need to pay annual fee for ensuring that the services will be available for the whole year. It also helps you extracting additional benefits. You need to compare the annual fee and additional benefits. If the benefits are enticing, you can bear this fee otherwise, you can shift to another credit card. Sometimes, banks offer you some relaxation when you accept some packages. Again, there is a need of comparison to keep you on a safe side all the time. Make sure that the annual fee must be at a lower side.

Interest Rate

The interest rate is another major factor for you as if the interest rate is good, you can enjoy all the features included in the credit card, but if it is on the higher side, you will have to compromise. The financial companies in the UAE know the interest rates of all the banks so if you will engage one of them with you, the results will be better.

Credit Card Requirements in the UAE

Generally, when you apply for a credit card in the UAE, you need to have some documents. We are giving the details of these important papers.

  1. Credit card application with all the filled information and signed by the applicant.
  2. Emirates ID card/ Residential Visa/ Original Passport
  3. Proof of UAE Residence
  4. Salary Slip

The fair use policy is applicable to all the banking facilities so it is a must for a user to use a credit card in the UAE, according to the budget and follow the limitations implemented by the bank.

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